Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

"Get comfortable with being uncomfortable" has been a statement spoken on a daily ever since Blck Cocoa Bakes started in 2019. Before I began baking as a business, a lack of self-confidence and complacency was a crutch holding me back from getting outside of my comfort zone. I've held on to that crutch for such a long time until the decision was made to go into unknown and uncomfortable territory.

The reality was that unhappy with what I was doing. It no longer served me, nor did it challenge me in the way that was necessary to grow. I had to make room for the idea of hardships that come with attempting to do something you have never done before.

Once those facts were realized, Blck Cocoa Bakes was well on its way into manifestation. I created a list to help keep an open mind and not be too hard on myself.


  • Failures lead to eventual success. Take pride in failing because the challenges show effort- and progression. Don’t look at them as a reason to give up, it’s a reason to go forward.
  • Laugh! Don’t take everything too seriously, it clouds the mind. Laugh at the silly mistakes and hiccups. Its going to happen. No one’s perfect.
  • Small victories. Look at the little steps forward you take with every trial and error. It isn’t about making big moves every time. Be present and acknowledge the little things.
  • Say "its okay," because it really is okay. Building something you envision in your head is a slow process and it is okay if something didn’t work out. Once acknowledged, its okay to simply move forward. No need to dwell on it.

Having to face these feelings each time I’d go to work on a recipe or do tedious computer work it truly helped me get comfortable early on. Over time, I became more meticulous and light on my feet when it comes to problem-solving and dealing with tough situations. I learned how to go into work-mode with a clear head and a goal (no matter how small) in mind each time. Overall, the mantra opened up a way to welcome the unknown because that is the only way to get somewhere. 

Pushing through made room for the learning of new skills and new creations that I did not believe were possible! Without being comfortable with being uncomfortable, Blck Cocoa Bakes would not exist today!

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