What does cake mean to you?


What does cake mean to you? How does it make you feel?

To Blck Cocoa Bakes cake is defined by a few things. Its the feeling of nostalgia. The excitement of a class mate's birthday in elementary  school. Vanilla birthday sheet cakes with too sweet icing that needed to be scraped off before taking a bite which I then happily indulged in.

Cake is a Sunday store-bought special. A childhood ritual. Moist pound cakes w/ a lemony glaze to which was addicting to say the least. Its texture, sweetness & citrus-y tang could balance out the savory notes of dinner within seconds.

Cake is also ceremonious. Cake makes me feel like there is something important to be celebrated. Cake is for special days, fun-filled days & quiet days too. Cake is a symbol of congregating w/ others. If there's cake involved, any room of strangers could easily find themselves well acquainted w/every fork full of cake & chatter over how good it is. Cake does that to people, as any food would. It brings them together.

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