Terms and Conditions

By ordering from BLCK COCOA BAKES, ASHE FOODS, L.L.C, you agree to the following terms & conditions: Full payment is required to confirm order. We may require a deposit for an order for large custom orders and events. For all orders that require a deposit, deposits must be paid on scheduled due date. Late payments may result in a 5% late fee and clients will have a 24 hour grace period to pay. If full payment or deposit is not paid, the order will be canceled and the client will be notified. Order and payment confirmation of your invoice will come in the form of an email via the information provided on order submission form. 

If a client picks up an order, BLCK COCOA BAKES, ASHE FOODS, L.L.C  no longer assumes any responsibility for damage caused to it. If a customer requests a pick up, the order must pick up within 1 hour of scheduled pick up time. If an order is not retrieved at the designated pick up, BLCK COCOA BAKES, ASHE FOODS L.L.C reserves the right to cancel the order. No call, no shows are nonrefundable. The client must communicate at least to come at a late date or may request delivery for an additional fee in the event of unforeseen circumstances. BLCK COCOA BAKES, ASHE FOODS L.L.C requires an order to be picked up within two days post initial pick up date to ensure freshness and quality. After two days, a no call, no show orders will be canceled and are nonrefundable.

If you need to change the date or details of your order or cancel it completely, please contact us as far in advance as possible. Orders cancelled seven days or more before the pick up/delivery date will receive a full refund on the order total; those cancelled within 3-5 days of pick up/delivery will be entitled to a 50% refund; those cancelled within 48 hours of the order date will not be entitled to a refund (although refunds and credit notes may still be provided at our discretion).

Deliveries are made by hand on the date specified in your order. All deliveries are undertaken by Blck Cocoa Bakes, ASHE FOODS, L.L.C or USPS or FedEx (for shipping orders). All drivers are instructed in the correct handling of the products and will ensure that it is safely transported. Please be sure to add special delivery directions (such as drop-off to a venue, office, or apartment) as needed to ensure the order is received. If delivered to a home address with no special directive, order will be left at the front door of the address. BLCK COCOA BAKES, ASHE FOODS, L.L.C cannot accept any liability for the treatment of your order or mishandling once a delivery has been made and confirmed. Clients will receive a delivery confirmation via text and/or email. BLCK COCOA BAKES, ASHE FOODS L.L.C is not responsible for any delay or inability to deliver based on accidents, natural disasters, transportation issues, inclement weather, illness, death, labor troubles, delay in supplies, disputes or strikes, or any other circumstance beyond BLCK COCOA BAKES, ASHE FOODS, L.L.C  control. If BLCK COCOA BAKES, ASHE FOODS, L.L.C  has completed the order but it can’t be delivered due to uncontrollable circumstances, the client will be refunded 100% of the total cost. Clients will also have the option to pick up (if available) with a 25% discount on the order for inconvenience. 

Refunds or a replacement of  the same value will be given only in the event that you receive the incorrect product or if the products are shown to be of unsatisfactory quality. If you are in any way unsatisfied with the condition or quality of the item upon arrival you must contact us within 24 hours of delivery. If the order is aesthetically defective, we require photo evidence sent to hello@blckcocoabakes.com to verify mistakes within 24 hours of delivery. BLCK COCOA BAKES, ASHE FOODS, L.L.C will not accept liability for any complaints made after this time. Orders will be offered a minimum of 20% refund and up to a 100% refund if the finished product is not satisfactory depending on the circumstances.


BLCK COCOA BAKES, ASHE FOODS, L.L.C  will follow the client’s requests closely to create the exact cake or dessert desired. BLCK COCOA BAKES, ASHE FOODS, L.L.C cannot duplicate an exact copy of another artist’s work but will ensure the look is similar. 


BLCK COCOA BAKES, ASHE FOODS, L.L.C reserves the right to use photographs of orders we prepare on our website, blog, and social media platforms. If you would like to specifically request that we do not use pictures of your order, or that we provide you with a picture of your order we will be happy to do so but you must let us know at the time of ordering.