Where are you located? 

We work out of a shared commercial kitchen in Plymouth, Michigan. We currently do not have a storefront for direct shares. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for information on where our products are available and upcoming events

How do I order food?

Click here to shop. Select an option for the menu and add to cart. On the cart summary page, there is a text box on the lower left-side. Please add any addition information on how you'd like your order delivered (where to drop off, apartment information, etc).If you have a specific inquiry or custom order, please contact us at blackcocoabakes@gmail.com.

What are the ingredients?

Our ingredients for each item will vary. Basic ingredients include organic unbleached flour, organic cane sugar, sunflower/safflower/grape seed oil, organic coconut milk,, oat milk, soy-free buttery spread, Pioneer Sugar Powdered Sugar (Michigan-based sugar beet company), organic natural cocoa, dutch-processed cocoa.

Upon request prior to delivery, the ingredient list will be disclosed to client. We strive to maintain a sense of transparency with our clients when it comes to what we use in our kitchen. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us. 

How do I cancel my order? Will I get a full refund?

Please refer to our policy page to find out the full protocol for any changes or cancellation of an order. 

Wholesale Inquiry

Contact us at blackcocoabakes@gmail.com for pricing and more info.